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Charge Night

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Size 1.35 oz 40 ml

Magical things happen at Night! La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night takes advantage of your skin's natural resting state to perform necessary recovery functions. Wrinkles are repaired, signs of aging are erased, cell turnover is accelerated and oxygen is boosted; all of which means you will wake up to younger-looking skin. La Prairie's scientists have combined the breakthrough brilliance of Cellular Power Infusion with time-released retinol, the most effective de-aging ingredient, and a revitalizing boost of oxygen to balance and resurface your skin each night. More benefits: Skin's appearance is refined, giving incredible smoothness, radiance and suppleness. Secures cellular energy and oxygen to boost skin's metabolism. Accelerates skin-tissue removal and recovery for enhanced firmness. Delivers ultimate protection against external stress factors, such as free radicals.
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